Gilbert Reynolds

Gilbert’s interest and career in Information Technology began in operations at First Citizens Bank in the late 1970s, where he learned the ins and outs of the DOS operating system, JCL and Mainframe hardware. With the launch of the bank’s ATM program, he became the first person to oversee the “Nerve Center,” monitoring a statewide ATM network. Later, he moved into programming to solve complex tasks, honing his skills in COBOL, Basic Assembler Language and VSAM.

His first consulting job was at Computer Management Corporation, a small, full-service computer company. This is where his passion for the consulting industry began. Gilbert learned that you can only grow when placed outside your comfort zone – and he was constantly growing.

From there he joined Metro Information Services, where he came to appreciate the family feel that management gave to the workplace, along with the thorough technical interview given to all employees. He worked first as a technical consultant, then as a liaison between staff, client and Metro, and was ultimately promoted to Division Director after building a business unit that yielded over $6 million of annual revenue. But the accomplishment Gilbert is proudest of is building a culture where consultants were happy to work for Metro, and clients felt they had a true partner.

All of this experience gave him the confidence to continue expanding his comfort zone and launch PINPOINT. Here, we’ve taken the best practices that we’ve uncovered over the years and rolled them into one “best of breed” company.