Procurement and Setup

We help companies choose the technology that is best suited to their needs, budgets, and philosophies. Partnering with Pinpoint means expert advice, objective analysis, discounted purchases, and professional instillation.

We are expert consumers of the following software products:

  • Office 365
    Get the most secure Office for your business

    • Access files anywhere
    • Get monthly security updates & feature releases
    • Use the web version of Office
  • Veeam
    SingleHop Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

    • Managed backup
    • Managed disaster recovery
    • Easy and secure seeding
  • Digium Cloud
    Switchvox is an award-winning IP phone system.

    • Effortless contact management
    • Customization options
    • Affordability
  • Windows 7-10
    The leading desktop operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.

    • Secure
    • Intuitive
    • collaborative
  • VSphere
    A visualization technology that allows companies to consolidate by utilizing the full capacity of their servers.

    • Consolidation ratios of 15:1
    • Decrease IT costs
    • Centralized control
  • Fortinet
    IT protection for everything from network security to wireless access.

    • Fast
    • Secure
    • Global