Connecting IT specialists to the Triangle.

We currently have a stack of unfilled job requests for a variety of qualified IT specialists.

Because we’re local we:

  • Beat the market by developing quality relationships with local companies
  • Give each candidate individualized attention
  • Help candidates tweak resumes to better fit current job offers

Deliberate Approach

Large staffing companies often forward resumes without permission, send duplicates, and mismatch talent to jobs. This hurts your chances of landing a job. We don’t have our candidates fill out extra forms or pigeonhole them for easy sorting. Instead, we take a more deliberate approach. A placement specialist analyzes each resume and considers all opportunities. This allows us to account for unique and even neglected aspects of your resume, so that you’re not unfairly disqualified as a viable candidate.

Temp to Perm

Many companies hire on a contract basis, using a “try before you buy” mentality. These positions often evolve into permanent opportunities. Whether you’re looking to advance your career as a contractor or wanting to get your foot in the door at a premier company, send us your resume and we’ll connect.