Network Engineering and Monitoring

The bigger you grow, the more complex your information systems and networks become. We help companies engineer reliable, scalable, and cost-effective systems.

  • Design

    The key to an effective network is scalability. A network must be agile in order to allow for new technologies and growth. Our engineers help companies decide realistic and cost-effective network requirements as well as predict and plan for probable growth and evolution. This way, companies get what they need now and position themselves for success in the future.

  • Installation

    We help companies install internal systems and external hosting services. We sell or lease necessary equipment, assemble materials on or off site, and advise companies in the installation process.

  • Maintenance

    Without constant maintenance, systems get old quickly. We help companies diagnose network failures, find solutions, and get things working properly. Of course, on all the systems we host, we keep things running smoothly by supplying timely patches, upgrades, and appendages.

  • Monitoring

    A crashed system is a huge set back. We carefully monitor our systems—looking for security breaches, warning flags, and needed maintenance so that we can prevent or fix something before it becomes a problem.