Move your operations online

  • Available anytime anywhere
  • Reduce your IT needs
  • Affordable monthly payment

Our cloud-based services allow you to move your infrastructure online where it’s available, reliable, and hands off. Cloud services are often the most cost-effective way to outsource your IT needs. Most of today’s small-business tech needs can be met with our cloud-based services.

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  • Office 365

    Get the most secure Office for your business

    • Access files anywhere
    • Get monthly security updates & feature releases
    • Use the web version of Office
  • Veeam

    SingleHop Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Protect Your Critical Business Data.

    • Managed backup
    • Managed disaster recovery
    • Easy and secure seeding
  • Digium Cloud

    Switchvox is an award-winning IP phone system that delivers powerful communications tools.

    • Effortless contact management
    •  Customization options
    • Affordability