Advanced Threat Protection Solution

Advanced Threat Protection Solution

Stop Sophisticated Threats to Prevent Breaches and Data Loss
Cybersecurity challenges are never-ending and constantly evolving. Even as certain attack vectors are secured, cybercriminals find new ways to enter. FortiGuard Labs consistenly reports ~15,000 unique pieces of malware each quarter - an average of 160 per day - with techniques continually evolving. So where should you begin? 

The Fortinet Difference
Other companies often deliver solutions that operate as closed systems, or are just point products that secure a single layer of the attack surface, leaving gaps in coverage. Fortinet offers automated threat prevention, detection, and mitigation by top-rated Fortinet and other 3rd party components. Network, application, and endpoint layers work together across the dynamic enterprise attack surface to disrupt known and unknown threats.

Fabric-enabled advanced threat protection delivers:

  • Identification of advanced attacks across the entire attack surface through integration
  • Prevention, rather than just detection, of incidents by working in conjunction with in-place controls
  • Automated and coordinated response to the full lifecycle of each attack through IoC sharing

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